PDA Check

PDA Check is a Palm OS utility to display various system information. The information is grouped into categories - battery, display, HotSync, memory, Palm OS, processor, ROM and vendor. Simply select an item from the drop down box, and the relevant information will be displayed.

PDA Check is freeware without any warranty. Please visit the support page for system requirements and common questions.

For easy access, you can also visit PDA Check Homepage with the shortcut www.pch.org.

PDA Check - Display PDA Check - Vendor


VersionDownload Link
Download pdachk16.zip from PocketGear.com (now offline)
(Please click on the Download button.)

Download pdachk16.zip from this web site
1.5Download pdachk15.zip
1.4Download pdachk14.zip


Please extract the downloaded ZIP file, and perform a HotSync operation to transfer the .prc file to your Palm device.

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