PDA Check Support

System Requirements (version 1.6)

  • Palm OS 3.5 or above
  • 23 KB free space

Known Issues

  • Speed detection has not been implemented for ARM processors in this version

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn't the ROM serial number show up?
A: Not all Palms are created equal :P. The serial number is available starting in Palm III, and provided that the device uses a flash ROM. Many devices like Visor and Palm m100, m105 do not use flash ROM.

I believe that most current Palm handhelds should support the serial number though.

Please check with the device manufacturer to see if your device uses a flash ROM.
FossilWrist PDA
Kyocera6035/7135 smartphones
PalmLifeDrive, Tungsten, Zire
SamsungSGH/SPH phones

Q: Why doesn't the vendor information show up?
A: This is dependent on the manufacturer, not all Palm devices have implemented these fields.

Q: I have other questions regarding PDA Check.
A: Please contact me using the form here.